WatchTrack: Steps Ahead of the Competition

What Makes the WatchTrack Superior to Other Smart Watches and Smart Bracelets?

  • Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen and Sleep Monitor: Use your WatchTrack to understand when you may be experiencing the early signs of sickness, when you’re most stressed out during the day, and how certain activities affect your heart rate.
  • Multi-Motion Precision Sports or Any Physical Activity Detection and Statistics: Equipped with professional motion-tracking sensors, your WatchTrack can quickly recognize whatever activity you’re doing and show you the effect that that activity has on your body.
  • Tracks Number of Steps, Distance and Calories: Track your fitness goals by understanding the number of steps you take every day, how much distance you cover, and how many calories you burn.
  • Control Your Music, Phone, Receive Notifications (SMS, E-mail, Facebook etc.): Do not miss an important notification or reminder, even if your phone is in the bag or on “Silent” mode – WatchTrack will be there for you to notify if you prefer so.
  • IP67 International Standard–Dustproof and Waterproof: IP67-certified to allow you to wear your WatchTrack 24/7, even in the harshest of conditions.
  • Up to 30 Days Battery Life: Never worry about your battery running out due to its lengthy and optimized battery life thanks to intelligent power usage algorithms.